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Sister Imelda Burgart, RIP
IMG_1603.jpg Imelda
We sadly announce the passing of our Sister Imelda Burgart. She died peacefully on Tuesday, May 15, at home here at St. Angela Merici Residence. We celebrated her 99th birthday on May 6 but she had been ailing for sometime.
She entered the Novitiate in 1935, made her final vows and she along with Sister Louise Ihringer celebrated their 75
th Jubilee in 2012. Sister Imelda taught in schools in a number of locations and at the Academy the girls will remember her teaching art. Sister was a noted artist doing portraits, scenery and some of the large wall pictures at the Academy. In 1965, the Saskatchewan Jubilee Year, she designed the Jubilee Flag. In 1972 she went as a missionary to Africa for almost 20 years working in Swaziland and later Zimbabwe. After leaving St. Angela’s Academy, she came to St. Angela Merici Residence where she continued in art and card making. She was very prayerful and these times were very important. Almost to the end she was able to pray the complete rosary with Sister Alice.
May Sister Imelda rest in peace.

Sower & Seed Jesus
This was one of her paintings and was at the front door of St. Angela’s Convent / Academy until it closed
and we now have it here at St. Angela Merici Residence.

RIP: Marylou (Riffel) Clauson
With heavy hearts we announce the death of another of "our girls", Marylou (Riffel) Clauson, April 20, 2018 at age 61. Marylou attended St. Angela's Academy from 1971, grade 9 to graduating in grade 12 in 1975. Our prayers and sympathy to her husband, children, grandchildren, and other relatives. May she rest in peace.

Easter Blessings 2018
To all "our Girls"- Alumnae, Staffs, Families, and Friends:
From Scripture we read about Mary Magdalene and the other Mary going to the tomb and the angel told them Jesus was risen as he said. Then Jesus met them on their way and said to them, “"Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me." Matthew 28:1-20
Galilee was where the disciples met Jesus, walked with Him, were excited with His teaching and miracles. They came to know him more deeply and to love Him. Perhaps we too can think of "our Galilees" where we have met Jesus, have come to love Him and want to follow Him. Perhaps for some of “our girls” St. Angela’s Academy / Convent and the lovely chapel may have been “your Galilee”. Or our Galilee might be times when we were with loved ones - family or friends. Our Galilee might be those special occasions where we grew closer, developed happy memories, or sometimes experienced sorrow. As we spend Holy Week and indeed the entire Easter Season, may we find that peace and joy that the Risen Jesus brings and find "our Galilee".. On behalf of all the Ursuline Sisters, blessings and peace this Easter and always

Ash Wednesday

Dear Everyone,
Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine’s day this year and both focus on love. You ask Ash Wednesday and love? Yes, love! As Christians, and certainly as Catholics, we have thought of Ash Wednesday as the beginning of a season of sacrifice! When reflecting on the scriptures for Ash Wednesday, however, we note that the season of Lent is about renewal and growth in our love of God and with others. It is actually about the heart … “You (God) delight in sincerity of heart … Rend your hearts, not your garments … A clean heart create for me, O God.”
May we all have a fruitful Lent as we prepare for a glorious Easter.


A Valentine Prayer for you.
I said a Valentine prayer for you
and asked the Lord above
to fill your heart and bless your soul
With the precious gift of love.

I asked Him for sincere love
The kind that's meant to stay
Just like the generous love
You give to those you touch each day.

I prayed for love from family
And from every cherished friend
Then I asked the Lord to give you
His love that knows no end.
Prayer from 2014 SAF CARD 

Sister Leona Leibel, R.I.P.
We sadly announce the passing of another one of our Sisters. Sister Leona Leibel passed away peacefully on November 22, 2017, at St. Angela Merici Residence at the age of 99.
Sister was ailing for sometime and bedridden for several weeks.
Sister Leona was a teacher and taught in several centres. Those who were at the Academy in the 1960’s will remember her as the Phys Ed teacher and very much involved with the new gym in directing and supervising the gymnastics program. She also served in the library these later years and did tutoring with some of the girls Sister Leona was involved in Ursuline leadership being the novice directress for several years.
Prayers will be Sunday, November 26, and the funeral Mass will be Monday, November 27 at 10 PM. Burial will take place at the Prelate cemetery later that afternoon.
She was a prayerful and pleasant person. May Sister Leona rest in peace.


September 15, 2017 RIP
With heavy hearts we announce the death of Catherine "Cathy" Kloppenburg. After a valiant battle with cancer family and friends have to say good-bye to her all too soon. Cathy was born Thursday, December 7, 1978 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to Richard "Rick" & Margaret Kloppenburg. In the morning hours of Friday, September 15, 2017 Cathy's physical suffering ended at 38 years of age.
Our sympathy to her parents, brother, other family, and all her friends.
I also ask for prayers for her father who is also seriously ill.
Cathy Kloppenburg was a student at SAA from 1993-94 and graduated in 1996. When at the Academy she prepared many notes for Sister Adelaide to use for her sunshines. Sister responded with a thank you that Cathy still had when visiting in spring of 2016. Sister Adelaide's thank you exemplifies Cathy. Sister wrote on March 8, 1994 “Oh, Cathy, your are precious. Thank you for your graciousness. You do such lovely things. And – oh thank God for you. My heart is simply dancing. You make the world a better place. And my spirit- ah- it sings by the memorable things you do.
Sister Adelaide, Allelu.”(From page 170 of “My Soul Still Dances: Living With Parkinsons.”

September 3, 2017

My Soul Still Dances:Living with Parkinson’s
by Sister Adelaide Fortowsky, o.s.u.

Sister Adelaide had Parkinson's for many years and for many of those years kept a diary of the effects of the disease. She hoped that by sharing her pain and suffering, yet still reaching out to give joy to others, it would help people understand the disease, especially families and caregivers. Please see information and details below about the book. For those who knew her, you will find her story interesting and hopefully inpiration.

Revised Poster Oct. 6 PDF

June 22, 2017RIP
Rhonda (Pankiu) Roadhouse, originally from Unity, attended St. Angela’s Academy for grade 0 in 1971-72. Rhonda passed away June 18 at age 61. Our sympathy to her husband and three children.

The Easter season has come and gone and we are now in “ordinary time.” May these summer and autumn days remind us that God is with us.
Pope Francis made this comment during a daily morning Mass.
“True Christians have cheerful faces and joy in their eyes…”

Do spread your cheerful faces and the joy in your eyes as “You let your light shine.”

To all "our Girls", Staffs, Families, and Friends:
Blessings and peace this Easter.

From Scripture we read about Mary Magdalene and the other Mary going to the tomb and the angel told them Jesus was risen as he said. Then Jesus met them on their way and said to them, “"Do not be afraid. Go tell my brothers to go to Galilee, and there they will see me." Matthew 28:1-20

Our Galilee Thoughts Galilee is where the disciples met Jesus, walked with Him, were excited with His teaching and miracles. They came to know him more deeply and to love Him. Perhaps we too can think of "our Galilees" where we have met Jesus, have come to love Him and want to follow Him.
Or our Galilee might be times when we were with loved ones - family or friends. Our Galilee might be those special occasions where we grew closer, developed happy memories, or sometimes experienced sorrow.
As we spend Holy Week and indeed the entire Easter Season, may we all find that peace and joy that the Risen Jesus brings.
On behalf of all the Ursuline Sisters, a very blessed Easter..

thumb_Scanned Image 120840002_1024
Our Easter Chapel at St. Angela’s, Prelate, 2009


One of our academy girls, Stacey Hansen, student 1982 grade 10 to grad 1985, passed away suddenly. Our sympathy to her family and loved ones. Our love and prayers to all who knew and loved her. May Stacey rest in peace.

Sister Ambrosia Wendling passed away peacefully on March 13, 2017 at St. Angela Merici Residence at the age of 97. She had fallen sometime ago and broke her hip and never fully recovered. Sister Ambrosia also had three sisters as Ursulines, namely Sister Eugena, Sister Rosalia, and Sister Andrea, all who also have died. Sister Ambrosia was a teacher, was in community leadership, and for the past 40 years was part of the Brescia Prayer Centre. She helped in various areas, loved gardening and fishing, and was a prayerful and gentle person. May Sister Ambrosia rest in peace.

009.jpg S. Ambrosia Jubilee
Sister Ambrosia Wendling osu March 13, 2017

In the year 2016 five of our Ursuline Sisters passed away.

Pasted Graphic 2Pasted Graphic 3S Patricia  2
` Sister Pauline May 22 Sister Adelaide July 15 Sister Patricia Lockert Sept 24
Pasted GraphicIMG_3507 S Dorothy
Sister Helen Nov 3 Sister Dorothy Dec 25

Sister Pauline Reinhardt went to heaven at 8 AM May 22, the feast of the Holy Trinity. Many of you will remember her as our Driver Ed Instructor at the Academy but also her sense of humor and her devotion to duty. May she rest in peace. Thank you Sister Pauline for your life and service to God.

Sister Adelaide Fortowsky -- Allelu, our praying clown -- has gone home to heaven. She died at noon today July 15, peacefully. Many Sisters had spent time with her, but I (Sister Rosetta) was alone with her when she breathed her last. Funeral prayers are Monday night at 7 PM and Funeral Mass Tuesday morning at 10 AM, both here at St. Angela Merici Residence: 125 Cree Crescent..Thank you Sister Adelaide for your life and service to God.
Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and may perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.

We wish to inform you that another of our Sisters has passed away.
Sister Patricia Lockert died Saturday night, September 24. She was 95 years. She taught for a number of years in various locations, after which she did volunteer work and helped with household needs. She spent a year or two at the Academy in the 1990's so some of our girls may remember her. She had a lovely alto singing voice. Thank you Sister Patricia for your life and service to God.
Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace.

We announce the passing of another one of our dear Sisters, Sister Helen Hoffart. She had her 101st birthday on November 3. Many of you will remember her as superior at St. Angela's in the 1950' and 1960's. She was very gifted in art and many paintings on the walls at St. Angela's were hers. She taught art to many of our students and was also librarian the last number of years, and spent several years in Africa. Thank you Sister Helen for your life and service to God. May she rest in peace.

We announce the passing of another one of our Sisters.
Sister Dorothy Bertsch passed away on Christmas Day, December 25, after a brief stay in the hospital. Sister Dorothy celebrated her 101 birthday in April, 2016. Sister was a teacher and taught for 45 years. She spent a number of years at St. Angela's Academy as receptionist and helping in various areas, always in a gentle and quiet manner. Thank you Sister Dorothy for your life and service to God. May Sister Dorothy rest in peace.

Sister Emily Kosolofski went to her eternal reward on Monday, April 15, 2013 with four of our Ursulines at her side. Sister taught at St.Angela’s and was the treasurer for many years.

Sister Magdalen Leibel, Age 94, passed away October 14, 2015, after a lengthy illness. She served as a domestic worker in various missions and was at St. Angela’s for many years working in the laundry and various other responsibilities.

Sister Louise Ihringer went to her eternal reward on her 95th birthday, November 23, 2012. Sister Louise taught at St. Angela's on several different occasions.
She was present at our reunion in 2010 and said then that she hopes to make it to the 2014 reunion. Indeed, she will make it in spirit.

Happy 101 birthday
Sister Dorothy Bertsch
Sister Dorothy was 101 years on April 17, 2016.
She is the first member of the Ursulines of Prelate to reach this milestone.
Congratulations Sister Dorothy.

Where to Now?
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Location: Cedar Lodge and Convention Center (Just east of Dundurn, SK in Blackstrap Provincial Park)

Date: Friday June 3, 2016 to Saturday June 4

Message from Edwina Weninger (Keller 76-79), chairperson for the 2016 Reunion Committee.
SAA Reunion 2016 It is with regret that we announce Reunion 2016 has been cancelled. Due to the untimely death of the owner/founder, operations of the facility, Cedar Lodge, have been halted. This notice was on the Cedar Lodge website and then on the local CTV news last week.
Due to the short time frame, and in consultation with the main reunion committee, we have decided to cancel the reunion for this year. Please know that attempts were made for another venue, such pursuit was difficult.
We ask our alumni to continue to reach out to classmates not currently on any of our contact information. So many of 'the girls' - as the sisters still call us - have touched lives in ways that they are not aware. I get excited when individuals say they went to the academy (The mom of a current Gr 8 student of mine is an SAA alumni!); and they were there 20-25+ years after me! We all have similar stories to tell, but with different names and dates. We can laugh at these stories, and at times commiserate with what we felt were such hardships (.......too funny now).
We are the legacy of women who gave their life to God. They dedicated themselves to educating us in the best way they knew how. Most of us were there by choice. Some were not. I know I can't thank The Sisters enough for giving me a sense of who I was then as a teenager; and now as a woman turning 55 years old.
As Chairperson of Reunion 2016, I wish I had better news. I look forward to sending out information of another gathering in the future. Through this process of planning/organizing; getting on the Facebook page; I discovered that one of my graduation class is right here where I live! Who knew?! We have yet to connect though. Maybe the gals around Lloydminster will want to meet up for a coffee.
May Your Light Shine,
Edwina Weninger (Keller 76-79)
"One of The Girls"



And they did!
See random photos below message.

St. Angela’s Academy Alumnae Reunion   - by Sister Adelaide Fortowsky
The seventh Academy Reunion took place May 30, 31, 2014 at the Travelodge in Saskatoon. Friday night saw the usual excitement: hugs, and screams as girls met each other, some who had not seen each other for years. 
Saturday morning began with the general meeting at 9 A.M. led by President Helen Kalyn. Financial report was given by JoAnn Spence. A discussion ensued whether reunions of this kind and expense should be continued since only 47 girls had registered. There was overwhelming support to continue and the girls unanimously agreed they would take a more active role in promoting them. A reunion committee was struck consisting of Edwina (Keller) Weninger, chairperson, and other members: Yvette (Keller) Gruber Denise (Chouinard) Hallam, Jolene (Hansen) Orthner, Pam (Martin) Van de Mosselaer, Brenda (Martin) Helman. They set the next reunion for 2016.
Lunch was served at 11 AM after which everyone proceeded to the new Saskatoon Diocesan Cathedral for mass. Bishop Don Bolen was the celebrant and Father David Tumbach was co-celebrant and homilist. He particularly spoke of the academy and what it has meant to the lives of so many people. The music directresses were Sharon Hoffart and Brenda Helman.Pianist was Louise Souillet-Hawkins.
There was a prayer ceremony for  the deceased former students from various decades as well as their deceased parents, families members, friends and benefactors of St. Angela's. Seven alumnae each lit a candle as Sister Rosetta announced the various decades.
After the recessional hymn, as has been the tradition for all reunions, the Holy City was sung led by Sharon Hoffart and Rosalyn Martin with Sister Teresita Kambeitz at the piano. It was uplifting as everyone joined, especially in the chorus.
The next stop was at St. Angela Merici Residence for coffee and dainties , to visit the Sisters, to tour the facility and especially to see and hear Sister Hermana explain the "Heritage Room." This room is now a remnant of what was the large museum at Prelate.
People returned to the Travelodge for cocktails and a delicious banquet for some 85 people. Patricia Linfoot chaired the banquet. Susan Hinger and Sally Mitzel gave the toast to the Sisters to which Sister Hermana replied. Sister Louisa Brost presented the toast to the alumnae and Rose Fortier responded. Sister Teresita then reflected on the image of St. Angela's Academy as  a table that offered a feast that nurtured the hearts, minds, and souls of the many thousands for 88 years. She spoke of how the painful decision was made to close and how now, the alumnae need to carry on the spirit and be the "dessert" of faith, hope and love wherever they may be.
The evening ended with a delightful "talented"  but "unrehearsed" entertaining program with Jolene (Hansen) Orthner and Sister Dianne Sehn being the comical and proficient MC's. One of the highlights was the "sharing" or "confessing" some of the various "pranks" they did as students and which they thought the Sisters did not know about. In most cases, the Sisters knew.
It was another memorable occasion to bring St. Angela's alive in our memories and our lives. As one person wrote on her message card at the end, "It was a celebration of the good, beautiful and true and I am very happy for the decision of the Alumnae to continue the effort to gather periodically." Indeed, it was to put "heart prints" into each other's lives.

Reunion 2014: "Our girls" came! Sisters came! Guests came! It was wonderful! Details will follow in newsletter, on website, and Facebook.
Start planning now.
Great things happened! A committee of Alumnae will plan and do all the preparation for the next reunion. God is good.

Some random photos below and in no particular order. Thanks to Christine Skulski, Rose Fortier, Kate Carnell and others for permission to use some of their photos.



May, 2014 033

May, 2014 026









May, 2014 018
May, 2014 046


May, 2014 039






Click below for 1966-67 choral
13 Hi LiliHi Lo Tr13


St. Angela’s Convent and Academy, formerly in Prelate, Saskatchewan May the memories live on. sc032eb87c

This was the first St. Angela’s Academy Reunion not held at St. Angela’s Academy but in Saskatoon

May 30, 2010 022_2

May 30, 2010 012_2

May 30, 2010 020


Final Closing Celebration for Alumnae, July 22, 2007

“Our echoes roll from soul to soul and grow forever and forever.” (Tennyson)

Scanned Image 122560024

Scanned Image 122240000
And may our light ever shine!

Alumnae Reunion July 7, 8, 9 /2006

Stories, songs, skits and gales of laughter marked the fourth Alumnae Reunion at St. Angela's Academy, Prelate, SK, July 7-9th. Former students came from points as far away as Australia, Mexico and Kentucky, as well as Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Medicine Hat and numerous locations in Saskatchewan.
During the afternoon, the theme "Those Were the Days" was illustrated decade by decade, beginning with the Ihringer sisters, Margaret Gill and Sister Louise, who regaled the audience with their dramatization of Academy events in the 1920's. The Academy's long tradition of choral excellence came alive at Mass as the chapel reverberated with the women's grand and beautiful congregational singing. In his homily, Bishop Albert LeGatt recalled that St. Angela Merici founded the Company of St. Ursula during turbulent times in northern Italy nearly 500 years ago for the education of girls and women. Today, teenaged girls also live in turbulent times as they face enormous pressures to dress, act and think in ways that dehumanize them. He commissioned the alumnae to continue Angela's ministry by working to improve the lives of modern girls in keeping with the gospel of Jesus who, he stated, was a true feminist and a true humanist. "Jesus held a profound belief in the dignity of women, for example the daughter of Jairus and the woman with the hemorrhage in last week's gospel," said Bishop LeGatt. "He sought to improve their lives in every way through healing them, calling them to be disciples, befriending them and educating them toward the fullness of life."
At the evening banquet, Sister Teresita Kambeitz, General Superior of the Ursulines of Prelate, outlined the Ursuline educational vision thus: "By a full and harmonious development of all that constitutes her wealth, her strength and her beauty, each girl under our direction works out the magnificent plan of God" and urged the alumnae to continue to develop their own gifts and those of other girls and women so as to make a significant contribution to the church and to the world. Sister Rosetta Reiniger, Executive Director of St. Angela's Academy, was honored with a standing ovation for her leadership role in the Academy and the Alumnae Association. Then a lively and sparkling "Variety Night" showcased the many talents of the alumnae in vocal, instrumental and comedy numbers, closing with the traditional singing of "The Holy City" led by Elaine Brilz-Barth of Calgary in an emotion-packed finale.
At the Saturday business meeting, Sharon Martin-Hoffart was elected president of the Alumnae Executive, succeeding Betty-Ann Hartman-Lefebvre of Medicine Hat. The next Alumnae Reunion is scheduled for July of 2010.

The night before the reunion, the Sisters prepare the program and the "goody bags."


The sharing soon began.

The singing at the Eucharist was uplifting and will long be remembered. Bishop LaGatt, Bishop of Saskatoon honoured us with his presence.


The Program: Who has laughed more than during the concert program when the "Richmound Bunch" presented their version of Cinderella!
And the sharing of "the decades" revealed some secrets! Sister Louise Ihringer, along with her sister , Margaret (Ihringer) Gill, told of happenings in the 1920's and 30's.

alum Richmound DSCN1103

reunion 06 Group3

Alumnae executive: Betty-Ann Lefebvre, Past- President; Sharon Hoffart, President; Brenda Martin, Secretary; Dolores Meuchel, Treasurer, Vice-president, Elaine Barth Ursuline liason, Sister Rosetta

The Academy kitchen staff (Eurest Foods) outdid themselves in providing all the snacks, luncheon, banquet, and pancake breakfast. All was delicious

Click below for 1966-67 choral
13 Hi LiliHi Lo Tr13


Prelate Centennial Celebration

On August 2,3,4, 2013, Prelate celebrated its centennial. Close to 600 people were present for all or some of the activities. God blessed us with beautiful weather since most of the activities were outside. There was a parade with over 60 floats. There were tours to the Sandhills and Blumenfeld church. In the evening there was a street dance with music by “The Chevelles” followed and outstanding fireworks. Sunday morning was an interdenominational prayer service. That afternoon was entertainment featuring local talent. Most importantly, there was the visiting and renewing acquaintances. The committee, volunteers, and all the people of Prelate are to be commended for a wonderful weekend. Eight of us Ursulines went for the entire weekend and four more came for Saturday. Our Ursuline / Academy float was fairly simple with information placed onto our six passenger van.

An area north of the hall has been designated as an historical dedication to the pioneers. People could purchase paving stones with their family or individual names. img_2433 This section includes the cairn which used to be in front of the gym. img_2428 Thank you Prelate and congratulations.

Honorary President: Sister Anne Lewans, General Superior, 306-653-2134
President: Helen (Sperling) Kalyn
Vice-President: Elaine (Brilz) Barth 403-278-4347
Past President: Sharon (Martin) Hoffart 403-548-1093403-548-1093
Secretary: Allison Hunter
Treasurer: JoAnn (Rajchyba) Spence 306-682-3879
Ursuline Liaison: Sister Rosetta Reiniger 306-242-5576 or cell 306-361-8034
Web Page:
Please, please. If you move, notify us so we can update our mailing list and you will receive the newsletter.

St. Angela’s Academy Alumnae
Attention: Sister Rosetta
125 Cree Crescent
Saskatoon, SK. Canada S7K 7J1
Fax: 306- 242-0427
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Let us all continue to "LET OUR LIGHT SHINE."